Our Story

Polki jewelry is deeply rooted in the history and culture of India, owing to its rich heritage and association with royalty.

Polki is an uncut, unpolished diamond in its natural form, without any physical or chemical treatments, lending it a special character. Each unfinished diamond is embedded in jewelry using pure gold that reflects light, giving each piece a brilliant shine. Every piece is painstakingly handcrafted from beginning to end: moulding and enameling to setting and finishing, requiring a team of specialized artisans based in Rajasthan, India. These artisans are experts in these techniques passed down over generations from the Mughal era.

In its essence, Polki jewelry is a coveted, valued heirloom, steeped in royal history. It is for the discerning customer who is attracted to one of a kind designs and forms. Every piece is unique from the next and comes with a detailed certificate and exchange assurance to guarantee authenticity.

ra.né — pronounced rene´ which means rebirth is created as an affordable sustainable organic brand. Our core objective is to support the artisans and their families’ survival by striving to bring awareness of this art across all cultures. We rethink historical design concepts into lighter, more wearable pieces that can be incorporated into daily wear.

The Team

Neha Shah


Rachit M